Fighting Hunger and Homelessness

Volunteer/Training Opportunities


Our volunteers in this picture brave the fair, but cold weather on November 25, 2007, at the Malcolm X Boulevard and 3rd. Avenue in Mt. Vernon City, New York. We gladly appreciate the sacrifices our volunteers are making to assist the organization in seeking the well being of society, the hungry and the homeless. Mount Olives salutes our volunteers for we could not do this work effectively without your commitment. We are looking for trustable, and committed volunteers to join the organization.

Mount Olives Volunteers

Training Opportunities

Mount Olives Adventist Ministries, Inc. has a collaborative and partnership with POINTS OF LIGHT organization, a nationally recognized body in volunteer education. One of the recent trainings was on May 31-June 2, 2008 at Atlanta, GA. The training was on Volunteer Management.

The seminar by FRED PRYOR SEMINARS on Excel Basics and Beyond Basics will remain open till July 31, 2008.

Other trainings on diverse healthcare topics are available and will be conducted by SPEAKERS BUREAU of Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. These specialists will deliver seminars on selected topics free of charge at Mount Olives' location.

The food supervisor training by the city's Health and Mental Health Hygiene Department is still open. Some of these trainings involve some costs, and those that are free are so indicated. Please make effort to attend applicable trainings in order to enhance your growth and professionalism.