Fighting Hunger and Homelessness

Our Partners in Fighting Hunger and Homelessness

According to our records for the month of May 2009, Mount Olives delivered foods to 800 individuals in need. We project that over 2,000 individuals will receive foods from Mount Olives each month starting from June 2009. Given the support we currently receive from our partners and donors of food, we plan to be out in the neighborhoods twice a week. This means we need more committed and reliable volunteers.

The following philanthropists have supported our organization with food donations. Without their partnership in fighting hunger and homelessness in the communities we serve, we will not be able to meet up the demand for food from our participants. Mount Olives and the communities of the Bronx and Mount Vernon City salute them:

  • B. T. Produce
  • S. Katzman Produce
  • Rubin Bros
  • Wonder Bread
  • Twin Valley Farm
  • Fine Fare
  • Randall Tropicals
  • Word of Life International
  • Stop & Shop
  • M & R Tomato
  • Albee Tomato CO Inc

We thank those farmers in Upstate New York who are willing to support our efforts if only we can send our truck to pick up foods from their facilities since they are too far from the city. We do not have a truck yet. We hope that someone who is reading this page right now will help us in obtaining a truck or van for moving foods to the locations we visit. Furthermore, we plan to move to a larger location for more space accessibility since the volume of food we stock up is increasing rapidly. Again, please help us to secure a larger space location by donating towards such project.

Some of my critics have said to me: “Are you getting a doctorate degree just to carry tables and foods from one street corner to another?” I say to them some people see a degree just as a paper that shows evidence of an achievement and status. But more than that, I see it as a tool for compassion, caring and sharing in the other persons’ experiences- that offer me satisfaction and a fulfilled life. Who is right? Figure it out! Our partners named above who donate the food they could sell to make money for the well being of those in need that they have not seen must enjoy the reward of a fulfilled life! I salute them.