Fighting Hunger and Homelessness


Q. Is the global food shortage and rising food prices the concern of the poor countries only?

Ans. Mount Olives believes that food shortage and rising food prices must be the concern of all people in all nations. Do not take this for granted.

Q. Are the governments of the world doing enough to address hunger and homelessness?

Ans. Mount Olives believes the government of the world could do more to eradicate hunger and homelessness. What do you think?

Q. Why buy fresh, but nutritious food to give to the hungry?

Ans. Mount Olives believes that hunger does not discriminate. As a result, everyone deserves the best of any available food. That is why we purchase the food fresh and deliver them fresh. This is an innovative way to serve the hungry.

Q. I'm in need of your services. What can I do?

Ans. Contact Young at 718-515-4482 or Or stop by our office from 10:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday to Thursday.