Fighting Hunger and Homelessness

Who We Are

Mount Olives Adventist Ministries, Inc. was started in August 2004 in Mt. Vernon City, New York. In 2007, the organization became a tax-exempt organization with effect from 2005. The organization has since November 2007, relocated in the Bronx, New York.

Mount Olives seeks to meet the physical and spiritual needs of humankind, especially those of the destitute as well as the needy in every society that the organization will have its presence. The gospel of Christ will not be meaningful without an effort to meet the physical and the psychological disposition of the individuals. As diverse and dynamic as the human needs are, Mount Olives will endeavor to devote its financial and human resources to research about hunger, homelessness and low cost housing through innovative and collaborative approach without sacrificing the gospel of Jesus the Christ.

Mount Olives Adventist Ministries fights hunger and homelessness. We purchase fresh, but nutritious foods and take the foods for distribution in the neighborhoods where they are needed most. We maintain a food pantry at our office location also. We believe that hunger does not discriminate.

About the Photos

From left to right across the bottom of the page:

The first lady is Elizabeth Campbell. The second lady is Glenda Morrow. Both ladies appeared at our Malcolm X Boulevard and 3rd, Avenue outreach location on November 25, 2007 for food. As they volunteered for this picture, they said: "This is a good thing happening to our neighborhood and we want to be a part of it. We have never seen this before." They were making reference to the organization providing nutritious, but fresh foods free of charge to the hungry.

The third lady is Kimberly Lawrence. Kimberly was at our Malcolm X Boulevard and 4th Avenue outreach location in Mt. Vernon City, New York on October 28, 2007. She told our volunteers "what you are doing is helping me a lot, please keep this up. We need you in this neighborhood."

The children with bananas speak for the numerous children and their parents who are served by Mount Olives' volunteers in all our outreach programs.

The last two ladies are Connie Mill and Brenda Maldonado. They, like others, are regulars at our outreach program location at Malcolm X Boulevard and 3rd. Avenue in Mt. Vernon City, New York. They said, "What your organization is doing in this neighborhood is wonderful. We want to be a part of this historic event. You mean all this food is free?" They asked. "Yes! The food is free of charge," answered our volunteers.