Fighting Hunger and Homelessness

Dear friends, Young Onukwe, President of M O A M

The gospel will lack its positive impact on individuals and society at large if Christ's mandate to seek and care for the needy and destitute is ignored. In carrying out this mandate, Mount Olives Adventist Ministries, through its volunteers and staff, delivers free, but nutritious foods that are purchased fresh from the appropriate providers to the neighborhoods where they are needed most in the Bronx, and Mt. Vernon City in New York. We have continued to do this in the hot sun of the summer, and in the frigid cold of the winter. We literally take the foods to the various neighborhoods, and still maintain a food pantry at our office address. There are plans in the making to develop our homeless and low cost housing program.

We have created this Web Site so you can give us your support and as well let us know how we are doing. This is one of the ways we carry out Christ's mandate, and gladly give back to society that has been good to us. Remember that the LORD loves you. Do not be dismayed, God will take care of you.

May the LORD richly bless you and your family for all the support you continue to give to the organization.

Young U. Onwukwe, President/ CEO